Legal Translations

Legal translations are one of our core competencies and main activities. In addition to excellent foreign language skills, linguistically and professionally sophisticated legal translations require sound legal knowledge.

At U.S. German Translation, all legal translators are dual qualified American and German educated attorneys authorized to practice law in the United States and in Germany. Therefore, they are familiar with the different legal systems, structures, terminologies, and particularities and pay careful attention to all the different legal aspects by means of precise terminology work. Where necessary, our legal translations contain explanatory notes and definitions. We provide translations in a wide range of different legal areas, including contracts, corporate bylaws and minutes, land registry excerpts, and court decisions.

Business Translations

Our business translation services cover a wide range of documents, such as marketing prospectuses, business plans, annual reports, payrolls, memos, and business correspondence. Without exception, all of our business translators have a business education and worked in both Germany and the USA. We combine outstanding linguistic skills with an in-depth understanding of both markets and put this knowledge to work for you. No matter whether you are a multinational company or an individual entrepreneur, our business translations meet the highest standards of translation accuracy and reliability.  


Do you want to expand into the German-speaking market? Do you want to reach a wider audience with your website? The success of your business greatly depends upon the quality and effectiveness of your website translation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that U.S. marketing jargon will work just as well in German-speaking countries. People in Europe might perceive a literal translation of U.S. marketing texts as aggressive and dubious, thus discouraging them from investing in your products or services. Moreover, there is a different legal framework, especially with regard to data protection laws and comparative advertising. In Germany (as well as in the other German-speaking countries Austria and Switzerland), every website must have an imprint and a data protection declaration if personal data is being processed. Our expert translators have the requisite in-depth understanding of the cultural, social, and legal differences between the USA and Germany to render effective translations that meet the expectations of your target audience. From basic commercial texts to the most specialized texts, we are passionate about translating websites with the highest commitment to accuracy.

Individual/General Translations

Our translation services also cover a wide array of personal documents, such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, insurance documents, marriage certificates, police records, school reports, newspaper articles, pension documents, and academic transcripts.  


Did you translate a text by yourself and would like to make sure that the translation is accurate? We also provide top-notch proofreading services in accordance with our high standards at competitive rates. Depending on your wishes and necessity, we examine your translated texts for grammar, orthography, punctuation, consistent terminology, and style.